What Does It Mean To Be A Part Of Kennett Square Preschool Cooperative?

Kennett Square Preschool Cooperative was founded in 1957 by a group of parents who wanted an affordable, quality preschool education for their children. After researching preschool philosophies, they decided to establish the school as a “cooperative.” More than 50 years later, the co-op spirit is still strong and one of the things that makes our school so special!  Please read the following information carefully

A Co-Operative Preschool Defined
A co-operative preschool is a preschool operated by a collective of parents whose children attend the school. The members are responsible for all phases of operation and are expected to be actively involved in our school. Our school has a director, certified teachers and teacher aides. Our executive board consists of a president, secretary and treasurer. Our board members represent the parents and help make decisions concerning the school. In addition, they provide policy advice and direction to the director. 

Sense of Community
Our KSPC families develop a strong sense of community which we feel is because of the parent involvement. Often, the parents work side by side on committees and school activities. These interactions tend to foster strong bonds among families at our co-operative preschool.

Time Commitment
The required parental time commitment varies from one co-operative preschool to another. We like to say that our preschool is “an easier co-op” in that we do not require parents to work in the classrooms as some co-ops do. We do expect the following of all our parents:
*Each parent signs up to be a homeroom parent for at least 1 month during the school year. During this month, we ask the parent to bring 2 gallons of water, a few snacks and playdough.  Click here to see a list of safe, recommended snacks.
*Each parent is to be an active member of at least one committee during the school year. If a parent is unclear of their committee assignment for the year, they should see the director or board members. 
*Parents are expected to help when needed. Each month we plan special events for our students which require parents to contribute items (stickers, special treats, party supplies etc.). In addition, we ask that parents contribute to school-wide events (Fall Festival, Holiday Show, Field Day etc.) by sending in baked good and drinks or volunteering an hour to run an activity. 
*In August, before school begins, we ask parents and children to come out to help get our school ready for the year by spreading playground mulch, weeding and making sure our bikes, scooters and wagons are safe and ready for students to ride. This is a great opportunity for children and parents to meet other families and take ownership of our school. 

Costs are Lower
Our tuition is lower than the cost of many non-cooperative preschools due to the services contributed by the parents. 

Kennett Square Preschool
a cooperative, non-profit preschool