Our philosophy here at Kennett Square Preschool Cooperative  is to develop the whole child - socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually,  If you haven't already done so, please take the time to read Our Approach to Education.

Our curriculum is theme-based. The theme is incorporated into projects, learning games, interest centers, songs, poems and stories. Our goal is to have themes that are motivating to students and relevant to their lives.  

Below is a list of themes covered each month:

September- Apples, Scarecrows, Self-Concept, Feelings and Emotions
October- Fall/Seasonal Changes, Nocturnal Animals, Fire Prevention, Halloween
November- Colonial Life, Native Americans, Pilgrims, Thanksgiving History and Meaning 
December- Holidays, Seasonal Changes
January- Winter/Seasonal Changes, Winter Animals, Five Senses
February- Valentine’s Day, Winter Birds, Dental Health, Healthy Hearts, Presidents Day, Love and Sharing
March- Spring/Seasonal Changes, Wind/Weather, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Birds, Easter 
April- Easter, Spring Weather, Seeds and Planting, Earth Day/Ecology, Animals (farm, zoo, wild), Insects
May – Animals, Insects, Mother’s Day, Things That Change (frogs and butterflies)

As part of our committment to educating the whole student, our preschool program includes formal music and physical education classes, as well as station time, taught by teachers who specialize in those fields.  Click here to read more about our specials.  

We have created the following document to help give you a better understanding of what is involved in a preschooler’s day. We also hope that it gives you insight into the activities that we do, as well as the rationale behind each activity.  Our goal is to let children be children while also giving them a solid academic foundation that will prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond!  

Click here to learn more about a typical day at Kennett Square Preschool

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